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Army Recognition : LAAD 2017: ECA Group promoting Military Vehicle Simulator solution

Army Recognition : LAAD 2017: ECA Group promoting Military Vehicle Simulator solution

A few weeks after having secured a new contract for an undisclosed Middle-Eastern customer, ECA Group promotes its Military Vehicle Simulator (MVS) at the LAAD 2017 defense and security exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Monday, April 10 2017 - Training Simulation

Published on Army Recognition, April 2017

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"The new contract announced during IDEX 2017 in February confirmed that ECA Group is an actor bringing smart and efficient solutions on the Defence Training Simulation market, worth over 50 million euros per year.

On Millitary Vehicle Simulator simulators, instructors and trainees can run training cursus adapted for various levels: from initial driving, to advanced driving and collective driving.The crews trained using Millitary Vehicle Simulator can carry out their operational mission with better confidence, safety and efficiency.

The Millitary Vehicle Simulator features 6 axes motion platform for an increased immersion, realistic cabin replica with fully integrated real vehicle equipment and advanced dynamic model for perfect vehicle behaviour reproduction. Driving conditions include night/day with realistic lighting, external traffic, rain, snow, wind, sandstorms scenarios, etc.

ECA Group’s Millitary Vehicle Simulator training solution would certainly be a relevant and effective tool for a Brazilian Army, which is currently building a whole new family of armored vehicles.

ECA Group has beena  major actor on driving simulators for commercial markets for a lon time now, having thus a consequent experience in implementing the adapted training program for having trainees progressively integrating the different skills required for driving.

Combining this experience and its long experience in technological solutions for Defence, ECA Group developed this new family of simulators for Defence combining advanced educational methods with realistic military interface and environment. "


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