Army Recognition: ECA Group unveils emergency driving simulators at Milipol 2017

Army Recognition: ECA Group unveils emergency driving simulators at Milipol 2017

EF Emergency is a new range of simulators desined by ECA Group with the aim to increase the proficiency of emergency response of drivers and riders.

Published on Army recognition, November 2017

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.For professional use, this simulator a comprehensive and versatil training tool adapted to three occupational categories with emergency driving requirements: Defence,Police and Ambulance.

ECA Group simulators provide a high level of performance and thus help companies provide post-license training for drivers and assess them. Its rich educational content includes comprehensive series of lessons, simulations based on real-life scenarios and assessment exams. 

The instructor can adapt each student's program using a touchscreen table. He can at any time vary the difficulties and modify the environment: traffic density, the type of areas (urban, peri-urban, rural, off-road, dirt tracks), weather conditions, time of day or night, the "competent, incompetent or hostile" social behaviour of road users. It is even possible to trigger accidents and test vehicle dynamics.

ECA Group provides software that makes it possible to simulate a two-person driving team with a choice of over a dozen different types of vehicles and allowing to share the same environment by networking the simulators to train for escort, convoy or multi-team missions. 

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