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ECA GROUP’s L-S 1PT (Pallet Truck) is an autonomous logistics vehicle for a versatile usage indoor and outdoor. The autonomous guided pallet truck transports loads between buildings on industrial sites - in safe interaction with pedestrians, cyclists and lorries.

The AGV L-S 1PT (pallet truck) is an electrical ground vehicle of 2,20m width and 3,40m length. It transports pallets, roller containers and plastic pallet boxes of up to 1 ton inside its storage space – sheltered from heat and humidity.

Due to its unique indoor and outdoor usage, its capacity to work day and night and its facility to take on heavy tasks, the autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) L-S 1PT is an optimal solution for logistics companies wishing to boost their productivity.

Recently, the French logistics provider IDEA has chosen ECA GROUP’s L-S 1PT to optimize logistics flow on their large sites.

On average, the L-S 1PT can perform twice as much as an ordinary forklift truck, which allows industry operators to reduce the number of vehicles operating on site and to optimize the logistics flow as well as operating costs.

The L-S 1PT can also contribute to work place safety, taking on heavy, repetitious and hazardous tasks.



  • Totally autonomous indoor/outdoor multi-building navigation
  • Easy integration without changes to existing infrastructure
  • Centralized Fleet Management System (FMS) to define and track vehicle’s itinerary and missions
  • Link possible to customer’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimise workflow of different vehicles
  • Smart navigation preventing collision or damage while maneuvering operations



  • Intelligent pallet docking: AGV L-S 1PT requires no extra equipment to load pallets from the ground
  • Capacity: up to 1 ton
  • Maximum speed: 13 Km/h
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Vehicle autonomy: up to 30 km. This generally enables the work of 2 teams for 8 hours



  • NF EN ISO 3691-4


  • Transports and Logistics companies
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Health care
  • E Commerce
  • All industries with indoor / outdoor transport needs of products on pallets, in roller containers and plastic pallet boxes


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