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ARINC 429 Compact Reader Transmitter TP10-A429
ARINC 429 Compact Reader Transmitter TP10-A429


TP10-A429, the compact ARINC 429 Reader/Transmitter, a specific Tool for Avionics Troubleshooting & Maintenance Tasks. 
With its broad offering in maintenance and production tools, Exail's TP10-A429, is next in the series of electrical ground support equipment (eGSE), designed to address both performance and efficiency requirements within the best time frame.


> Large Touch Screen Display
> Easy-to-use and Fast Configuration
> Portable, Lightweight, Ergonomic and Rugged
> Integrated Standard ARINC 429 Database
> Real Time Data Recording and Replay


This avionics bus Reader-Transmitter is being launched worldwide to equip Aircraft or Helicopters Manufacturers, Operators & MROs.

TP10-A429 is a hand-held device, with a more intuitive user-oriented interface, featuring a 6.5 rugged touch screen panel, combining the best in compactness, real-time data recording, multi-label monitoring, integrated manufacturer signal database, equipment simulation, communication spying and troubleshooting.

For years, Exail ARINC 429 compact reader/transmitter has proven its effectiveness capabilities in production environment.

From now on, thanks to TP 10-A429 brand-new features and extended functionalities, technicians and engineers will perform their avionics bus troubleshooting and equipment functional testing operations with an autonomous user-friendly tool, which provides direct reading of post treatment information.

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 +33 (0)5 62 11 17 17 contact@ecagroup.com

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