Airborne Monitoring & Survey

Airborne Monitoring & Survey

In Airborne monitoring & survey sector, ECA Group offers effective and well proven unmanned aerial systems solutions able to cover a large panel of missions. Aerial unmanned systems are playing an increasingly important role for civilian applications as well as for security, based on extensive knowledge of robotics. ECA Group will continue to offer innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

Airborne monitoring & survey with UAVs is arousing a growing interest within all organisations in charge of environmental survey, inspection of engineering structures for safety concerns as well as for homeland security and military operations.

The key advantages of UAVs and especially vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) platforms are their ease of use and their effectiveness at an attractive cost.

ECA Group was one of the pioneers in offering since many years, a complete solution based on UAV for various missions such radiological survey, geomagnetic survey, dam and bridge inspection, mining survey, pollution monitoring, topographic survey, territory survey, etc...

The high level of expertise of ECA Group in the robotics systems, in the integration of sensor and in the post-processing of data allows us to offer an extensive range of solutions based on VTOL UAV with specific sensors to conduct any airborne monitoring and survey operation.

ECA Group’s solutions are based on a single modular and well proven VTOL UAV platform which was especially designed to support various and heterogeneous sensors. The capacity of the platform to perform fully automatic flight, requiring no action from the operator to pilot the UAV, enables the real-time control of collected raw data which are processed, after the mission, with specialized software.

The flexible architecture of the UAV enables to adapt and to offer tailored solutions to meet customers’ requirements. In this frame many missions have successfully been conducted during the past year for the benefit of various customers such as energy operators, transportation companies, water operators, oil & gas companies, geophysical companies, research centres and universities, mining, disposal companies, civil engineering companies, etc.

In the sector of civil surveillance, homeland security and military operations, VTOL UAVs are becoming a key element. The range of missions is multiple such as fire surveillance, public order, crowd control, protection against casual thieves, reconnaissance, intelligence, critical infrastructures protection etc.

ECA Group presents, for this type of missions, a complete set of solutions adapted to any requirements of civil security or military customers. Based on its experience in field proven equipment, the heart of the solution lies in a reliable high-quality and all weather VTOL UAV platform with several thousand hours of flying-time. The platform was especially designed to ensure that the system can be operated in severe weather conditions.

Another key advantage of ECA Group solutions lies in its ability to provide a high quality of images and videos. The image-chain was has been designed and qualified to meet all its customers’ requirements such as stabilization, night and day vision, making it possible to implement high level automatic functions like target tracking and target following.

The extensive expertise of ECA Group in design and manufacturing of VTOL UAV allows to support and to constantly improve its products to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of technology and adapted to customers' growing needs

ECA Group, with its unmanned systems for Airborne survey and monitoring as well as at sea and on land, is opening up new horizons for the deployment and combined use of multiple heterogeneous unmanned systems on the field.

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