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Aerospace On-board Electronics

Emergency Locator Transmittors - In-Flight Entertainment - Wireless Connectivity - Power Conversion - Mission Equipment & Sub-Systems

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ECA Group has a considerable expertise in the design, production and maintenance of cutting-edge electronic equipment for hostile environments. Our activity focuses on four markets:

Search And Rescue operations, with the development of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT). ECA Group have a complete range of products, in fixed or portable configuration, and accessories such as remote control panel, fire-proof bag, antennas. This activity is under the brand ELTA, part of ECA Group since 2016.

In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and wireless connectivity. These competencies in the field of Radio-Frequencies (RF), notably UHF, coming from Digital Signal Processing in our space activities and now apply for cabin interior and cockpit environment. In particular we develop cutting edge Wireless Access Point (WAP) at the forefront of technology in terms of speed, interfacing or incorporating media server and router function.

Power conversion, in order to meet the need of more electrical aircraft.

Mission equipment and sub-systems, for which our team of specialist have the capability to design per system integrator specification

ECA Group has strong in-house skills in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) routing, for complex design of 12 layers or more, as subcontracting services to other electronics manufacturers for aeronautical, space or other demanding on-board applications.

Thanks to its technological and aeronautical know-how, ECA Group has become a company renowned for the implementation of optimized, reliable and competitive solutions in the field of on-board electronics.

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