The history of the ECA Group is full of innovations and partnerships with the most important industrial and technological companies in the world.

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  • Creation of ECA Drone - UAV Services company
  • Stake held in Wandercraft and creation of ECA Dynamics, joint venture for developments of Humanoid Robotics for Defence & Security
  • Development of Unmanned Systems ECA Group buys into humanoid robotics
  • Design of the SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle): SWUV
  • Acquisition of INFOTRON specialized in aerial drones / UAVs
  • UAV IT180-120
  • Creation of ECA RSM - commercial entity dedicated to exportation ECA Group at Euronaval 2014
  • Creation of ECA Group Asia subsidiary set up in Singapore
  • Participation in the Espadon project for the Future Mines Countermeasures System led by the DGA ESPADON program
  • Acquisition of TRITON IMAGING INC
  • Development of the Cobra UGV (used by the DGA in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan) COBRA MK2 C
  • Acquisition of ECA FAROS, the terrestrial division of CYBERNETIX (Saclay), of ELECTRONATEC renamed ECA EN, of ECA CNAi and ECA SINTERS
  • AUV partnership agreement between THALES and ECA
  • Nuclear decommissioning for FRAMATOME
  • Development of the ALISTAR 3000 AUV, urban combat robots (MiniROC /DGA) and the H1000 work class ROV (French navy) ALISTAR 3000
  • ECA is listed on the Euronext secondary market
  • Development of K-STER robot (mine killer) K-STER C
  • Acquisition of HYTEC, and MATRA's Systems and Information business
  • Design of the first flexible assembly lines dedicated to the A340 (AIRBUS), then the A380 (2001)
  • Development of PAP Mk6
  • ECA got involved in the inspection of the TITANIC wreck ECA Group ROV ROBIN
  • Creation of an English subsidiary, CSIP, and first sales of PAP MK5 on the international market, to the British navy (1983), Japanese navy (1996), Turkish navy (1998), etc.
  • Design and construction of the first AUV for IFREMER: the Epaulard. ECA Group AUV EPAULARD
  • Creation of PAP 104, the first underwater mine detection and destruction robot (DGA) ECA Group PAP 104
  • Creation of ECA Sud-Est for robotics developments that would come to fruition in the next decade
  • Numerous components and systems for underwater applications: PAP 104, EPAULARD, POPE, MARLIN, SAR, etc.
  • Remote-controlled underwater vehicles: mass-production of more than 300 vehicles of 10 different types
  • Industrial robotics (PEUGEOT, SNIAS)
  • Robotics systems for the offshore oil industry (ELF AQUITAINE, TOTAL)
  • ECA made its entrance in the nuclear program developed by the French president, General Charles de Gaulle. ECA Group ballistic missile submarine and office in Ramatuelle
  • ECA was charged with the development of a 1:10-scale model of a ballistic missile submarine in order to test hydrodynamic shapes. Testing took place in the St. Tropez (France) area and ECA set up an office in a country house in nearby Ramatuelle to handle these activities.
  • Development of the Aeronautics, Naval Defence and Simulation construction workshop
  • 500 machines built, forerunners of remote-controlled and radio-guided missiles (ECA 27, ECA 20, ECA 57, etc.) for major customers (Marcel DASSAULT, MATRA, Service technique de l’aéronautique (STAé), etc.)
  • 100 invention patents filed
  • Design of new components for the French Navy (steering simulator and longitudinal manoeuvring console for submarines, etc.) Steering Console
  • More than 30 patents already filed for creation of aeronautics components, e.g. the "Autoptère" automatic control surface, etc.
  • First project in the Maritime sector, entitled "air torpedo with automatic pilot and remote control"
  • Creation of the ECA company (Etudes et Constructions Aéronautiques)
  • founders of eca group
  • Participation in construction of the "Arc en Ciel" aircraft piloted by Jean Mermoz, which completed the first Paris-Buenos Aires-Paris return trip entirely by air. First radio-controlled airborne target project