Make Sure

Make Sure: through this slogan, the ECA Group's visual identity signifies its commitment to reliability and efficiency to its customers, partners, employees and shareholders. The Group has always been at the forefront of innovation since it was founded. It has built up the trust of its customers around the world with its solutions designed for use in hostile, restrictive and demanding environments: nuclear power, deep offshore, aerospace, bomb disposal, etc.

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All of the ECA Group's personnel put this commitment into practice: equipping customers with the best solutions to guarantee their missions and operations are safe, precise, reliable and sustainable.

The group's values translate this commitment into concrete action:


The ECA Group produces intelligent safety and work class systems and equipment with high technological added value, designed to operate in hostile and restrictive environments for Civilian and Defence applications. As specialists in robotics and automated systems, the group's solutions limit human exposure in hazardous zones.


Ever since the ECA Group was created in 1936 it has been constantly innovating to bring its customers increasingly comprehensive high performance solutions. The ECA Group's knowledge of its customers' business activities enables us to anticipate their needs: adaptability, reduction of production and maintenance costs, integration and interoperability of solutions, information processing, training simulation, etc.


The ECA Group participates in commercial and technological partnerships with many companies around the world, making it possible to improve technological solutions and extend their dissemination around the world. Another key contributing factor to the Group's growth is the acquisition of companies with high technological potential enjoying excellent relations with their customers. Exchanges of experience and commercial and technological complementarity between companies also make an important contribution to the ECA Group's success.


Today the ECA Group is acknowledged as a major player worldwide. It continues to develop ideas and solutions for its customers, and to extend the geographical area of dissemination of these solutions. Overcoming cultural, geographical and technological borders is part and parcel of the ECA Group's corporate culture.