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Central to its culture and success, ECA Group's first commitment is to make sure that its solutions are safe, efficient and reliable. ECA Group designs and produces intelligent systems and work class equipment with high technological added value. Designed to operate in hostile and restrictive environments, ECA Group's systems limit human exposure in hazardous zones.



Ever since its creation back in 1936, ECA Group has been constantly innovating to bring to its customers increasingly comprehensive and performant solutions. ECA Group's care about its customer's needs enables us to anticipate our technological solutions and work on their adaptability, reduction of production and maintenance costs, integration and interoperability, information processing, training, and so much more.



ECA Group's Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of its anti-corruption policy. This Code applies to each of its employees and aims to ensure that ECA Group's business practices comply with applicable laws and regulations, but also to promote integrity, transparency and zero tolerance principles within its organization and its relationships with its suppliers, partners and customers.




Because data privacy and security matters to ECA Group and its customers, a data protection policy has been integrated within the entire ECA Group workflow.



ECA Group is convinced that gender diversity is a real asset for the Group’s performance. ECA Group's Robotics division has obtained an excellent overall score for both divisions.

This result reflects ECA Group’s commitment and actions to achieve professional equality, and is an encouragement to continue to make progress on issues of gender diversity and professional equality between women and men.



In 2024:

  • Equity Index: 86/100
  • Pay gap indicator: 36/40
  • Wage Increase differential rate Indicator: 20/20
  • Promotion rate differential indicator: 15/15
  • Return from maternity leave indicator: 15/15
  • High pay level indicator: 0/10

Aerospace DIVISION

In 2023:

  • Equity Index: 88/100
  • Pay gap indicator: 33/40
  • Wage Increase differential rate Indicator: 35/35
  • Promotion rate differential indicator: 15/15
  • High pay level indicator: 5/10
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