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Highly specialised in automation and control technology ECA Group is a well-established designer and manufacturer of advanced systems and equipment providing state of the art proven systems to shipyards worldwide. These include electric propulsion, steering systems for submarines, platform management and machinery control systems and magnetic ranging and treatment facilities.

Highly specialised in automation and control technology, ECA Group is a well-established supplier of resilient systems and equipment to shipyards throughout the world. Supporting an expanding military and commercial market ECA Group delivers advanced electric propulsion systems, steering systems, engine control systems and magnetic ranging and treatment facilities.

ECA Group produces electric propulsion systems for a wide range of ships including Mine Countermeasure vessels and Submarines.  Manufactured to very high standards and designed to the customer’s requirement they offer uncompromising performance. This includes achieving low noise and vibration levels which provide an important advantage to the customer. In addition, these electric propulsion systems incorporate state-of-the-art technology and are configured to maximise safety and efficiency. Their main features are reliability, efficiency, compactness, ease of operation and maintenance. Of significant advantage is the use of standard components.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of marine electrical switchboards for military markets ECA Group offers a complete turnkey electrical package for ships. These systems are built to rigorous standards delivering maximum performance and reliability and are adaptable to all types of ship configurations. Designed in modular format with new-generation components to reduce size and weight they allow flexibility to satisfy performance requirements and meet space limitations.

Other products include steering systems and machinery control management systems. Providing unique control solutions ECA Group has a proven track record in designing and installing submarine steering control systems for both nuclear and conventional submarines. These are developed to meet today’s operational requirements and are optimised for individual submarine performance. Increasing the operational envelope and safety these systems are designed to minimise operator workload and training requirements.

Using advanced computer-based technology to control and monitor platform machinery and on-board systems ECA Group delivers Platform Management Systems to the defence and civilian market place. With a growing demand for permanent marine plant parameter control and monitoring coupled with an economic need to reduce manning levels, ECA Group has developed and produced advanced machinery control systems. These control systems provide real-time diagnostics of the ship’s status and its machinery conditions. These innovative monitoring and control systems are specifically designed for naval ships, submarines and platforms for the Oil & Gas industry.

ECA Group is also engaged in the production of magnetic ranging and treatment facilities for both surface vessels and submarines. Capitalising on their expertise in Naval Mine warfare ECA Group has developed unique magnetic ranging and treatment facilities which include fixed ranges, degaussing and deperming facilities. By their very nature ships and submarines have a developed magnetic signature which can be exploited. There is therefore a need to reduce this signature. ECA Group’s systems have been specifically developed to achieve this and meet the stringent requirements of 21st century navies.

In today’s rapidly changing maritime markets ECA Group offers shipyards innovative high tech solutions. These solutions apply to a wide range of system and equipment management applications both military and civilian. Supplying shipyards worldwide ECA Group provides competitive cutting edge proven systems designed to meet the customer’s needs.

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