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Water Pipes

Water Pipes

ECA Group provides all over the world innovative high tech and resilient solutions to meet the need for inspection, measurement and maintenance/repair within the various water networks, mostly related to waste waters (sewerage) but also to drinking water, industrial utilities, or large bore works. ECA Group operates at the cutting edge of technology and provides a wide range of solutions, offering remote controlled vehicles which run inside the pipes and carry out the required trenchless works.

Specialised in the design and manufacture of robotic systems, ECA Group produces innovative and high tech solutions for the inspection, measurement  & control inside non visitable water pipes.

Main applications relate to sewerage networks, since, all around the world, whatever their age and the piping material used (mainly asbestos cement, sandstone and ductile iron in the past centuries, PVC, PEHD and GRP nowadays), these pipes deteriorate due to aggressions from inside and from outside. For sewerage networks, ECA Group offers a wide range of motorized tractors, equipped with sophisticated video systems, which are introduced via manholes and thereafter progress inside pipes from 100 to 1500mm diameter and over distances of several hundred of meters; Periodically, or in emergency cases, these systems carry out detailed TV inspections, in order to detect and position anomalies such as crack/break, deterioration of joints, collapse of roofs, penetrating branching… These robots also embark sensors to do measurements (pipe slope, pipe deflection, size of cracks or flaws).

If these inspections and measurements are mostly required for used/old networks, they are also needed to validate the layout and installation work done by the contractor, in case of a new network.

ECA Group is also present in the activity of pipe repair and rehabilitation, performed by dedicated robots that operate from the inside of the pipe (trenchless works).

Drinking water networks also require TV inspection, measurement & control but to lesser extent than waste water networks, due to fact that they support less aggressions and that the introduction of robots require cutting out the pressurized flow of water, hence stopping the water distribution service. 

ECA Group also provides solutions for industrial networks, used to channel utilities such as water, steam or chemicals. TV inspection, measurement & control as well as maintenance/repair are performed within pipes with ID from 100 to 1500mm. Challenge there often lies with access to the internal part of the pipe, where manholes have not been installed or are too far apart.

ECA group is also actively present in the field of large bore pipe works, with diameter of several meters, such as cooling water inlets to industrial sites, water feeders to desalination plants, main waste water culverts or outlet galleries for discharge of land water into the sea. ECA group offers dedicated tethered heavy duty vehicles which carry out TV inspection, measurement and cleaning inside these kinds of large pipes even when they are under pressure.

Inside main used water culverts, TV cameras are often replaced by profiling sonars, which measure the level of sediments laying on the bottom of the pipe and detect eventual defects in the upper part of the gallery.

In a high tech evolving market, ECA Group delivers a wide range of capable remote controlled systems that are used for a variety of tasks within the water pipes field. With this capability, ECA Group is making a significant contribution to solve the worldwide problem of shortage of water and ground pollution due to spillage from waste water networks.

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