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ECA Group offers a wide range of qualified and certified solutions to Air Forces around the world. Using innovative technology, ECA Group delivers test means, maintenance equipment and mission on-board equipment that can be developed to meet specific requirements. Our solutions improve Air Force maintenance operations as well as manufacturer production cycles.

ECA Group provides innovative solutions for the Air Defense industry. With an experience of over 30 years, ECA Group understands and masters challenges and constraints faced by the Defense industry. ECA group uses cutting edge technology to design and manufacture ground testing equipment, innovative Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and mission on-board equipment. We can also design and build aircraft assembly stations, logistics platforms and production tooling in a military environment. We design processes and procedures and make proposals to increase production cycles and improve operations. Our knowledge of civil and military assembly line production processes ensure building and station design optimization.

With dedicated mechanical, electronic and software design offices, as well as a very efficient research and development department ECA Group designs and manufactures bespoke technical solutions meeting military environment technical and operational requirements.  

ECA Group delivers specific functional testing systems and is capable in particular of testing all the main systems of an aircraft (fixed and rotary wing). These testing systems are based on ECA Group T-Cell technology. T-Cells are compact and interchangeable modules that are used to test specific functions of an aircraft. T-Cells can be fitted into mobile electronic test cabinets to develop a full aircraft ground testing system. T-Cells can also be fitted in smaller cases to develop portable testing tools to test specific parts of the aircraft. These tools are rugged, mobile GSE and can be controlled with an easy-to-use HMI. They are perfectly adapted to the military environment and can be approved by the aircraft manufacturer.  T-Cells are self-maintainable modules that can be replaced in less than one minute. They can be used to build compact and multifunctional tools replacing several other tools.

ECA Group develops cost effective and reliable GSE for maintenance operations and military aircraft test either for Air Forces or maintenance centers. We provide mechanical and electronics GSE. ECA Group has supplied GSE and functional testing tools to several major industry players including Airbus Helicopters and Dassault.

ECA Group designs and manufactures mission on-board equipment to interface, monitor or control specific Air Force mission equipment or aircraft system. ECA Group provides solutions to mission equipment OEMs or directly to aircraft manufacturers.

We are keen to ensure our customers are satisfied. We fully manage our product obsolescence by mastering critical component usage and software upgrades. We also ensure technical support of our product. We have warehouses and maintenance centers in Europe, Asia and North America for better reactivity.

Our experience in management of major projects combining our experience of electronic and mechanical systems as well as our knowledge of military environment and specific requirements, give ECA Group a unique position to provide solutions and improve operations of Air Forces worldwide. 

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