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Airlines & MROs

Airlines & MROs

With over thirty years of experience in the aerospace industry, ECA Group understands MRO and Airline challenges. ECA Group has dedicated mechanical, electronics and software design offices. We offer innovative solutions in mechanical and electronics GSE for MRO and Airline maintenance centers all around the world. Our warehouses and maintenance centers in Europe, North America and Asia help us meet the increasingly challenging needs of our customers.

As global air traffic increases, MRO service providers and Airline maintenance centers face tougher and demanding challenges:

  • Increase in number of aircraft with more and more aircraft types to maintain
  • Increase of aircraft complexity in particular in Mechanics (use of composite), Electronics and Aircraft Systems
  • Reduction of aircraft turnaround time and need to maximize aircraft availability
  • Lower maintenance costs

With over 30 years of experience, ECA Group understands MRO and maintenance center specific constraints and operational requirements.

ECA Group designs and manufactures innovative Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for aircraft maintenance.  In addition to sale, we offer loan, calibration and maintenance services on these tools. We have great capabilities and knowledge of both mechanical and electronic GSE, and a customer base of above 200 MROs and Airline maintenance centers all around the world. We employ a worldwide network of sales representatives to be more reactive and understand the exact needs of our customers. We manage all export control issues.

ECA group aerospace hub is the only European official licensee of mechanical GSE for Pratt & Whitney Canada and offers a very wide range of GSE equipment to all Pratt & Whitney engine Operators.

We are a worldwide licensee of ATR GSE equipment. ECA Group designs, develops and commercializes GSE equipment for all ATR aircraft in close cooperation with ATR.

We have also manufactured GSE tooling for Boeing and Airbus Military aircraft as well as for UTC Aerospace.

We have a team of specialists dedicated to mechanical GSE and we do Build-To-Print, Build-To-Design and Design-To-Cost. We manufacture CE compliant tools, and we can make recommendations to Airlines for Initial Provisioning (IP) GSE tooling supply at aircraft delivery.

ECA Group uses T-Cell technology to develop cutting-edge electronic GSE. These T-Cells are compact modules used to design multifunction tools able to test a given function on different aircraft types. ECA Group has already developed all T-Cells necessary to test an entire aircraft (All test functions necessary to test every ATA have been developed). By picking the appropriate T-Cells and fitting them into the appropriate form factor (case, cabinet, etc.), we design and build functional GSE with easy-to use HMI. These GSE are approved by the appropriate aircraft manufacturers and improve MRO operations by guaranteeing over 98% tool availability and are self-maintainable. By mastering critical components usage and software upgrades, we manage our product obsolescence. We have set up a research and development program to work on health monitoring applications for our products.

ECA Group has already developed a wide range of system GSE for Airbus Helicopters, ATR and Airbus aircraft MROs.

ECA Group offers worldwide support to MROs and Airlines by storing and maintaining GSE in Europe, Asia and North America. This ensures an optimized turnaround time, in particular in the event of an AOG (Aircraft On Ground). We offer great turnaround times (delivery of critical GSE tool within 48 hours in case of AOG) and have a hotline with a dedicated team available 7 days a week.

We have acquired fantastic mechanical and electronic GSE design and manufacturing capabilities that are combined with unique knowledge in assembly station development and building, production tooling, flexible workshops and logistics platforms. Today, ECA Group has the capability to design and build full maintenance centres, including operating procedure design, planning, project management and building. The ECA Group aerospace hub is certified ISO9001 and EN 9100.

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